Professional Fast fit

Tyre fitting

mechanic_tire_tools_4824If you instruct us to find a convenient and professional fitting center for you we will select a POS which meets the following minimum standards: 

       a) At least five years of tyre fitting experience

       b) With right tools and machinery for the targeted service

       c) Counting with  trained staff

       d) New valves and weights will be use (not recycled or reuse

How to manage this? very easy:

1.- First. Tell us you want us to find a fitting center by simply instructing it in your order in a case (at the end of the process) were you can put your comments. Indicate the targeted address in order to search close to this place.

2.- In maximum 24 hours after the booking of your order (payment received) we will contact you to propose our fitting center recommended and price for the service. If you approve then we will book an appointment for you so you don't need to call the POS...hasle free!

BE AWARE THAT IF YOU DON'T ASK US TO FIND A FITMENT CENTER BY INSTRUCTING US IN THE ORDER THEN WE WILL CONSIDER YOU HAVE ONE. takes nothing from the fitment center as this assistance is already included in our offer.