Cookies policy

     Cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer or terminal when you  access our website. Cookies allow us, among other things, to store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user, depending on the information they contain and the way you use your computer, can be used to recognize the user.

Types of cookies

     Depending on who is the entity that manages the domain from which cookies are sent and treat data obtained, two types can be distinguished: own cookies and third party cookies.

     There is also another way to classify cookies depending on the length of time they remain stored in the client browser, distinguishing between session cookies or persistent cookies.

     Finally, there is another classification with five types of cookies according to the purpose for which the data are addressed: technical cookies, cookies for customization, analytical cookies, cookies for advertising and behavioral advertising cookies.

This website uses:

 Own cookies

Which allow to:

a) Establish volumes attendance statistics and assess the use of the different elements of the web site, helping to enhance the interest and the ergonomics of the services consulted on the site.

b) Adapt while browsing the site presentation to match the display preferences stated on the terminal in use.

c) Save information concerning navigation in the pages (eg the size of the tires sought on the home page) in order to optimize navigation.

d) Save the information concerning the proposed forms filled out by the customer such as registration and access to the customer's account

e) Provide access to personalized and reserved areas in the site

Third Party Cookies

Google Analytics: This application, developed by Google Inc, stores cookies to compile statistics on the volume of traffic and visitors in this website. By using this web site you are consenting to the processing of data about you by Google.

Etracker: This application, developed by etracker GmbH, stores cookies to compile statistics on the volume of traffic and visitors in this website. By using this web site you are consenting to the processing of data about you by Etracker.

 Social Networks: Each social network uses its own cookies for you to click on buttons as  “I like” or “share”.

     You can find more information and disable the use of these cookies


     Through web analytics no personal data is obtained ensuring the protection of the privacy of people surfing the web. The information we get is relative to the number of users accessing the website, the number of pages viewed, frequency and repeated visits, their duration, the browser used, the operator providing the service, language, terminal used, or the city that is assigned IP address. This information enables a better and more appropriate service from this portal. This information is automatically stored on Google's servers to which we have no access except for the generated traffic reports.

Cookies acceptance

In order to comply with regulations, information on our cookies’ policy is shown at the bottom on the welcome page first time you are accessing the web site.

Given this information it is possible to carry out the following action:

§ OK. The ad will not pop up again.

If you still browse through the portal not having hidden the message, you are given your consent  to continue with the service offered on the therefore the installation of these cookies.

If you want to change the cookies’ settings:

You can restrict, block or delete cookies from this site or any other web using your browser. For every browser the function "Help" will show you how.

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