RunFlat Technology

RunFlat Technology


RunFlat technology is one of the most important advances in recent years with regard to safety when  an unpredictable puncture happens. The following video on RunFlat BMW explains how it works and its benefits. BMW was one the first carmakers which opted to incorporated RunFlat to their high-end cars. To quicly have a look of all Runflat tyres in our online shop, just type ¨RunFlat¨ in the search cell.


1. You keep control of your car in the event of a puncture

2. No need to stop in dangerous places to change the tyre, you can still use the tyre for 80 kilometers at a maximum speed of 80KMH…directly to the workshop.

3. You don’t need a spare wheel saving a lot of space and reducing the weight of the vehicle


1. You can install RunFlat tyres only if your car has a system to monitor tyre pressure. If not, there is a risk of puncture without driver noticing it.

2. In cars with RunFlat tyres coming as a OE, suspension system is taking into account this. RunFlat tyres are a little bit stiffer then normal tyres so suspension is adjusted to compensate this.

It is advised to follow always the instructions of the manufacturers.